Why Your Company Needs a Shorter Workweek

The cotton has accidentally fallen out of the ears of the fat cats running corporate America, and they like what they hear—a shorter workweek for laborers means more productivity for companies.

working woman person technology

Until recently, the battle for flexible working hours has been mostly employee-driven. Now, there’s support from scientists and business leaders suggesting that reducing our workweek could have powerful business benefits for our employers, such as increased employee productivity.

Australian researchers have also found that the optimum number of working hours in a week for middle-aged workers is 25 hours. Once test subjects worked over 25 hours in a week, their cognitive performance decreased as “fatigue and stress” took over.

Growing evidence like this suggests that working too many hours a day is pointless because productivity plateaus as our focus slips.

A recent study found that only half of British workers spend six hours or more working productively, while one third admitted to wasting up to three hours a day because they were distracted or unable to concentrate.

Businesses would maximize employee productivity if they implemented shorter workdays because then employees could get all their work done before those distractions started kicking in.

It’s about judging people by their output,” said Karen Mattison, joint CEO of Timewise, “rather than their input.”

Employees who have been clamoring for a better work-life balance (for what seems like an eternity) may now finally have a chance to be healthier and happier.

I talk about issues like this in my book “Work Sucks!,” which you can find on Amazon by clicking here.

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